As the only agro-industrial- commercial estate in the heart of Metro Manila, FTI cradles more than 300 flourishing light to medium scale companies involved in food manufacturing, electronics, garments and service industries.

Moreover, it is home to the National Food Authority (NFA), FTI’s mother agency, which has been recognized as the government’s arm in upholding the availability and stability of food for the Filipino people and the Food Development Center (FDC), which provides food research and processing services to a wide array of clientele.

Of the 120-hectare total area, 60.93 hectares of the complex are earmarked for lease, with 41.49 hectares being occupied by lot lessees while the remaining 19.44 hectares are leasable. Building/facilities occupied by lessees account for 39.57 hectares including among others the six wholesalers’ buildings with 195 stalls. These businesses are interlinked by a network of wide cemented roads and provided with spacious areas for parking and commodity loading and unloading. They are also provided with basic requirements such as power, water, telephone, and environmental services.

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